The Three Types Of Content Marketing Crucial For Success

Articles and blog posts feature most in the discussion on content marketing. This is again a product of content marketing and high search rankings being misconstrued as method and goal respectively. The sole purpose of content marketing is to create content which the end readers find engaging and makes them trust the brand or company publishing and creating it.

Articles and blog posts are important in content marketing, but they are not the only type of content marketing. A number of other formats of content are important in content marketing, some getting even more important than others.

While those experienced in digital marketing may understand the various types of content marketing, the same cannot be said about freshers and rookies in digital marketing. Whether it is a professional taking an online training program or a college student at a digital marketing institute in Delhi, anyone associated with digital marketing has to understand the underlying basis of content marketing.

The time when a digital marketer could be ignorant about content marketing and its practices is now over. Content is the heart and soul of every digital marketing campaign, and marketers across the board should be aware of the prominent types of content marketing.

In this article, we will discuss the types of content marketing besides the usual categories such as ‘articles’ and ‘blog posts’.

Free EBooks

EBooks are a great way of making prospects learn more about a topic and establish trust with the brand.

Free eBooks are given away brands and companies through their website to create another layer of trust with their prospects and leads. While article and blog content is a great way to introduce people to a given topic, eBooks are designed to give readers an in-depth analysis of a given topic.

EBooks take a much longer time to create than normal content. However, the benefit that they have over normal content also has to be taken into consideration. Readers who opt into getting an eBook have to provide their name and email-ID, thereby becoming an actionable lead for the business to target. Even a single well-written e-book can thus bring thousands of leads online, which can be converted into customers, thus indirectly impacting the revenue made by the business in a significant way.


Infographics have been a rage ever since someone stumbled across the idea of using immersive visual images and data to convey useful information. In today’s content marketing scene, well-designed infographics can significantly improve the performance of a given piece of content.

Online tools such as Canva can be used to create engaging and detailed infographics. The best part about an infographic is that it is more likely to be shared by readers across the board.


Even the smallest of businesses are completely focusing on video marketing these days, understanding very well the inherent preference of the general audience towards video content. Digital marketing teams, after studying the content preference of their target audience, should take the call over whether video marketing is the right type of content marketing to choose.

The main platform for video marketing is YouTube. The simple way to kick off a video marketing campaign is to create video content based on the textual content already written.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the article above covers the different types of content marketing besides the usual categories such as ‘blog posts’ and ‘articles’. Digital marketers should be aware of these different types of content marketing in order to implement their knowledge in a typical marketing campaign.

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