Share Market Course | Kapil Heera

Share Market is one of the most fascinating yet confusing fields for the majority of people. It is one such field where most people want to invest their resources in but are also equally scared of.

It is an ever-evolving and expanding field in terms of employment as well.

With lakhs of jobs at offer , Share Market proves to be an extremely rewarding field for those having a professional degree in the stock market course.

The various mechanisms involved in the smooth handling of share market forms the crucial element of my blog today.

Through the medium of this blog, I’d like to share my experience and thoughts on the field and I would also like to offer solutions to the different problems exposed by it.

Let’s dive right in.

Basics Of Share Market

Share Market, popularly known as the stock market or equity market, refers to a close-knit congregation of buyers and purchasers who are willing to hold transactions of stocks or shares with each other.

It is a densely-packed network of economic stock transactions between a selling party and a purchasing party.

A share-market exchange may include:

  • Securities which are listed on a stock exchange meant for the public.
  • Stocks and shares meant for private trading practices.

This includes those shares held by private enterprises which are traded through the platforms encompassing equity crowdfunding to various investors.

Are you a little confused?

Well, allow me to help you out.

How does the Share Market Function?

Share Market allows the trade of shares and stocks between two parties and is done under the supervision of the stock exchange (a common platform for trading shares).

Keep in mind, a share can only be sold or purchased if it is listed on a stock exchange. And it can only be categorised by the domiciled country itself.

Investment in the share market is usually done via electronic trading platforms and stock brokerages. It is done with a confident investment strategy at the part of the marketer.

Who Are The Market Participants?

Share Market participants include :

  • Institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds, index funds, etc.
  • Individual retail investor
  • Investor groups
  • Banks and other Institutions providing finance
  • Mutual fund investors
  • Public trading corporations
  • Robo-advisors

What Is The Function And Purpose Of Share Market?

Share Market is one of the most rewarding ways for enterprises and companies to raise money and earn handsome benefits.

 It allows such businesses to be traded publicly so as to raise sufficient yet additional financial capital for its expansion by trading / selling its shares of ownership in a public market to different individual companies.

It also averts the issue of liquidity crisis which enables the investors to sell the shares as they deem necessary.

It is because of this reason that more and more people are trying to learn the tactics involved in the Share Market business today.

Let’s look at the benefits the field offers to novice individuals like you and me.

How Can Learning Share Market Methods Help You In Earning Huge Sums Of Money?

  • After doing a professional course in Share Market from a reputed institution, you’ll be able to effectively invest in shares and stocks which will help you in earning many profits.
  • You’ll also learn about various strategies to choose the correct shares for investing in.
  • You’ll gain the understanding of when to sell your stock market shares for reaping maximum profits.
  • The field offers a plethora of job opportunities for individuals seeking a job.

All you need to do is to grab a course in Share Market from an acknowledged Institution guaranteeing placements.

The Share Market is regarded as the economic backbone of a country and the share marketers are its architects.

Let us now look at the various options available to us to learn share market basics.

Beginner’s Guide To Share Market Basics

For understanding all about share Market Methods, you must :

  • Read books and related articles about it.
  • Follow an experienced entrepreneur in the field via his/her website or blogs.
  • Grab a course in Share Market from a well-renowned Institution.
  • You can take online courses in it too.
  • Ask for an expert’s advice for better results.
  • Analyse the market deeply and pragmatically.

This could be learnt during a course in the field.

Most Crucial Modules In Share Market

These are the most significant components involved in share market mechanisms :

  • Understanding the Stock Market
  • Commodity Market Analysis
  • EquityMarket Analysis
  • Currency Market Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Option Analysis
  • Derivative Analysis
  • Arbitraging
  • International Market Analysis
  • Advance Option Greek
  • Intra-day Trading
  • Elliot- Wave Theory
  • Wolfe- Wave Analysis
  • Dow Theory
  • Gann Theory
  • Stock Selection And Trading
  • Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Industry And Sector Analysis
  • Political And Economic Analysis
  • Capital Market Dealers
  • Investment Advisors
  • Risk Management
  • Tools and Softwares
  • Live Trading Terminals
  • Research Analysis

All these modules help to understand the field of Share Market deeply and effectively.