About Me

I am Kapil Heera, a digital marketer with over a decade of experience in the field. I started my career as an SEO executive at a young age of 17. Digital marketing interested me in a way no other field did. As a young executive then, I saw limitless possibilities as a digital marketer and I have retained the same optimism over the years.

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my time working, it is the value of staying updated with new trends and techniques in the world of digital marketing. This lesson has helped me a lot, keeping me ready to take on new challenges and projects.

My experience in digital marketing has taken me to work with some of India’s most prominent companies such as Zee News, Ambience Mall, and many more. I played a defining role in making sure my clients developed a vibrant digital profile while reaping the benefits of a carefully developed digital marketing campaign.

Besides working with clients, I have spent a large part of my career working as a digital marketing trainer for earnest learners looking to make their foray into the industry. As a trainer, I have dedicated my work to pass on my knowledge to students, while learning about their specific problems and needs as well.

Although I don’t do my work for the sake of recognition, I have been accorded as being amongst the top 10 SEO experts in India by platforms like mycollegereview.com and Rviewz.in. As a marketer, I feel humbled and blessed to be recognized by such prestigious platforms. This has spurred me on to keep raising my own game and find consistent success in the field.

As digital marketing transitions from text to video, I have again begun work to transform my skills to thrive in this dynamic industry. The power of video and its ability to transmit messages to a wide audience in a small-time is obvious. With my experience and knowledge, I am well placed to leverage video marketing to further enhance my profile as a prominent digital marketer.

Looking back, I can safely say that my habit of being open to learning and taking in new concepts and ideas helped me the most. As a trainer and marketer, I use this very principle for success in work and life.